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Beverly International Supplements

Since 1967, Beverly International has insisted on using only the highest quality ingredients and manufacturing methods in the development of its dietary supplement formulas. Beverly International will not bring a product to market unless it is supported by peer-reviewed scientific studies. It uses these studies to determine which types of ingredients, and of what quality, are required to produce satisfying bodybuilding results. If the same quality of ingredients used in scientific studies cannot be obtained, then Beverly International will not develop the product.

The Beverly Promise

Integrity, quality and service are the pillars that guide Beverly International's every action. The same principles that Jim Heflin founded the company on decades ago are the same principles you can expect from Beverly International today and into the future. You can count on our training and advice to be sound and effective. You can trust that they will always place the needs of you, the client, ahead of everything else, and you can be sure that the ingredient listed every single Beverly International supplement is really in there AND in the right proportions AND it's of the highest quality, purest grade available.

Beverly International nutritional supplements WILL do what they are designed to do. You WILL SEE RESULTS and they won't be hard to identify.  In the very unlikely event that Beverly International's tested and proven supplements do not deliver the results they promise...we will quickly and cheerfully do whatever it takes to make it right, even if it means fully refunding your purchase price!


EFA Gold supplies essential fatty acids to help support:

•Metabolic functioning
•Cardiovascular health
•Immune system function
•Body recomposition
•Healthy skin and hair
•Overall health and well being


JOINT CARE contains the scientifically proven joint support ingredients, glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM which work synergistically to enhance each other's benefits:

•Increase joint flexibility and strength
•Rebuild damaged cartilage
•Speed recovery from existing injury or inflammation
•Relieve swelling and decrease pain
•Guard against future injury
•Maintain healthy joints