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Michelle has lost over 40 lbs since last summer with exercise, clean eating, and an active lifstyle. We cannot believe she wore these pants last year. No way. Kudos Michelle!

Hey, Louie:

Yesterday I test packed my suitcases for my upcoming trip to Italy. The largest one weighed 38 pounds and I had absolutely no trouble lifting it over my head, which as you know I'm going to have to be able to do, to get it onto the rack above my seat on the train. What's even better is that I had another 25 pounds over my shoulder when I did it, 25 pounds I'll also be carrying when I board! Not bad for a 60 year old woman with arthritis in her ankles and knees, a busted up rotator cuff and a herniated disk. Because of my workouts with you, I'm as fit as I've ever been in my life, and I'm not going to have any trouble moving around with my luggage. Thank you, thank you!

Barbara H

As I finish the process of finishing my packing for a hiking trip to Peru, I can't help but think of all the support I have had in preparation for this trip. Six months ago, I knew if I was going to accept the challenge of a high altitude hike, I was going to require a serious training effort.  Stacy has supplied the strength training twice weekly, along with constant encouragement. Both Stacy and Louie have helped increase my aerobic capacity with their cardio blast on Saturday. I am ready for my trip, and I will have pictures of Machu Picchu to show everyone when I return.

Mary R

Over the years I've seen doctors, physical therapists and chiropractors for pain due to disc issues in my low back. While they have all helped me in their own way, nothing has improved my back condition more than a handful of training sessions with Louie at Fitness for Function. I would undoubtedly recommend Fitness for Function to anyone seeking personal training, whether it's for personal fitness goals or rehab of an injury."
-Tim M