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Ditch the Dieting and Finally Transform your Body!
We are focused on helping you lose weight, become more toned and defined, increase strength, and improve overall health. Step by step, you will learn how to eat well (without giving up great food) and exercise for your body type and fitness goals.

Most nutrition and exercise programs fail because of two main reasons:
- Lack of accountability
- Lack of customization for individual body types and lifestyles

At Fitness For Function, we will create a personalized program that fits your lifestyle and nutrition needs and provide regular motivational feedback and guidance throughout your program. Don't cheat yourself out of a great body and email us today!

Customized Online Fitness Training and Nutrition Coaching

- Get the same results as one-on-one personal training at a fraction of the cost!
- No gym? We'll develop an at-home workout regimen that will help you reach your goals and a plan to achieve them.
- Hate broccoli? We will develop delicious recipes and alternatives for you!
- Win your Body back!
- We put it all together for You! 

How the program works:

Email us to receive the proper forms, tells us your goals, describe your lifestyle and eating habits, what you like and dislike in terms of food and exercise and we will develop a program customized just for you!

What it includes:

- Workout regimen customized to work for you.
- Nutritional coaching and meal plan suited for your lifestyle and goals complete with a grocery list.
- Unlimited access to Fitness For Function via e-mail.
- Follow-ups every week to see how well the program is working for you.
- Program modifications every 4-6 weeks to keep your body guessing so you never plateau.

3 months - $129/per month
6 months - $99/per month

** One-on-One personal training can cost up to $900/month
Don't wait another minute! You owe it to yourself and your family to get healthier, now!

Click here to get started!

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